CHARLOTTE, NC – Rosenberg’s family of electronically commutated (EC) fans has expanded to include designs that deliver the highest available airflows and static pressures. Designed for HVAC applications, the new models can deliver up to six inches of static pressure or airflow of more than 16,000 cfm.

The Rosenberg line includes axial and backward curved fans. The axial fans – perfect for use on condenser units – come in four sizes from 28 to 39 inches with top airflow of 16,900 cfm. The backward curved units, often used in evaporators, are available in five sizes from 16 to 25 inches, delivering up to six inches of static pressure or up to 8,900 cfm of airflow at lower static pressures.

Rosenberg’s long-life, low-temperature brushless DC motors are controlled by maintenance-free electronic circuitry. With reduced mechanical content, the fan motors run cooler and quieter, require little or no maintenance and can be easily speed-controlled.

In pressure control applications, they can be direct connected to a pressure sensor. In main-secondary designs, the output of the main fan controls the speed of the secondary units. Networking is simple using a computer with an RS485 interface. Speed regulation can be achieved with a 0-10 volt input signal or a simple rheostat.

The Rosenberg family of companies employs more than 1,400 individuals worldwide. Rosenberg USA is headquartered just outside Charlotte in Indian Trail, N.C. For more information, or to place an order, contact Rosenberg USA by phone at (704) 893-0883; fax (704) 882-0755 or e-mail