Rosenberg Group Global Manufacturing Capabilities

Corporate Video  |  8:35 minutes

Since 1981, Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH, based in Künzelsau-Gaisbach, Germany, has developed into an important European center for the ventilation and air-conditioning industry through the development and production of controllable external rotor motors.

The production of all parts, from motors and fans to control systems and complete box air conditioners, enables Rosenberg to be independent of suppliers. With around 1,400 employees worldwide, Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH has become a competitive medium-sized company.

Over the past 35 years, the Rosenberg Group has expanded its European operations by seven additional plants and shareholdings in France, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany. In addition, there are countless branches worldwide.

This video shows the production facilities of the Rosenberg Group in short form.


Rosenberg ECFanGrid Retrofit References

Product Demo | 3:34 minutes

The benefits of the Rosenberg ECFanGrid System for AHU retrofits are...

  • Easy movement through standard doors, stairwells or elevators with two persons
  • Usage of energy-efficient EC fans which are easily controllable through the related wiring cabinet
  • Built in redundancy for greater reliability
  • Flexibility of design and optimal usage of existing space
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Floor-free installation for highest hygienic standards

    This video details several successful ECFanGrid retrofits.


    The Rosenberg Air Movement Group At AHR 2019

    Corporate Video  |  0.48 seconds

    The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) is the event of the year for the HVAC/R industry. Rosenberg's global sales team was there in Atlanta for AHR 2019 introducing attendees to the latest air movement innovations, including:

  • Constant pressure/constant airflow blowers,  
  • Large axial fans (up to 18,000 CFM)  
  • High-efficiency backward curved impellers with EC motors up to 6.6kW  
  • Advanced ETRI AC, DC and EC axial cooling fans and blowers  
  • And our ECFanGrid™, a better, space-saving alternative to large radial fans
       in commercial and industrial AHUs.  


    40th Anniversary Of Ecofit

    Product Demo | 2:12 seconds


    Backward Curved Impellers

    Product Demo | 0:37 seconds

    Backward Curved Impellers handle high static pressure applications the best. They are compact and energy efficient, a good choice to reduce handling and operating costs. Rosenberg backward curved fans are available in sizes from 225 to 710 mm with static pressure up to 9" and maximum airflow of 11,000 CFM. Applications include air curtains, air filtration, evaporators and equipment cooling.


    Axial Fans

    Product Demo | 0:58 seconds

    Axial Fans move air at 180°, parallel to the shaft of the impeller. Rosenberg axial fans are available in sizes up to 1000 mm (40 inches) generating up to 19,500 CFM of airflow. Applications include HVAC, railway, equipment cooling and refrigeration.


    Forward Curved Blowers

    Product Demo | 0:53 seconds

    Rosenberg and Ecofit forward curved blowers are available in single and double inlet models with airflow from 600 CFM to 7000 CFM. Applications include HVAC, wind power, railway, FFUs and equipment cooling.


    Rosenberg ECFanGrid Retrofit

    Corporate Video  |  2:02 minutes

    This video shows an actual retrofit project, in which an old belt-driven radial fan was replaced with a Rosenberg ECFanGrid.

    Benefits include:  

  • Greater energy efficiency  
  • Reduced maintenance  
  • Easier service  
  • Longer service live  
  • Redundancy  
  • Low-noise, vibration free operation

    Rosenberg Global Manufacturing

    Corporate Video  | 1:16 minutes

    With production sites and sales offices in more than 45 countries, Rosenberg is always within reach of our customers. Our new video features photos taken during a tour of Rosenberg Hungaria Kft., about an hour outside Budapest. This facility specializes in production of air handling units.


    Rosenberg Production Capabilities

    Corporate Video  | 5:05 minutes

    Take a look inside the global integrated design and manufacturing capabilities of the Rosenberg Air Movement Group.



    Video 2

    Rosenberg EC Fan Videos Part 1

    Product Line Presentation | 2:08 minutes

    A brief introduction to Rosenberg's EC product line including a basic technical information on axial, backward curved and forward curved product families.


    Video 2

    Rosenberg EC Fan Videos — Part 2

    Fan Wiring And Open Loop | 9:50 minutes

    Thorough demonstration of the wiring of Rosenberg EC fan controls for open loop operation with potentiometer and pressure sensor.


    Video 2

    Rosenberg EC Fan Videos — Part 3

    Closed Loop And Parameter Software | 6:47 minutes

    See wiring of fan to computer through simple RS485/USB connector; review computer software controls, sending and saving performance parameters, alarms and monitoring capabilities.