Rosenberg’s new 560-mm Gen 3+ EC backward-curved fan module delivers more efficiency, less noise and higher airflow for data center cooling and air handling units, as well as wind power, compressor and transformer cooling applications.

The Rosenberg GKHM 560-CII.183.6NA IE Gen3+ (PN # N88-56700) is a compact, optimized fan unit delivering up 70% efficiency. The Gen 3+ EC motor operates at consistently high efficiency, even in partial load ranges, and is paired with an advanced-design aluminum impeller featuring five backward- curved, profiled blades and an efficiency-optimized circumferential diffusor.

The N88-56700 is also remarkably quiet for a fan of its size, with operating noise levels ranging from a high of just 89 dB to a low of 68 db.

The new fans also deliver up to 12% more air than earlier models, depending on the operating point. The N88-56700 operates in both 3~ 200-240 and 3~ 380-480 input voltage ranges, simplifying specification. In the 3~ 200-240 VAC range, operating airflow is 8000 cfm @ 3” of pressure. At 3~380-480 VAC the N88-56700 generates 8000 cfm @ 4” of pressure. At free air, maximum airflow is nearly 13,000 cfm in either voltage range.

Like all Rosenberg EC plug fans, N88-56700 features low installation depth, easy integration, and maintenance-free operation thanks to lifetime lubricated ball bearings. Fan speed is infinitely adjustable.

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About Rosenberg

The Rosenberg family of companies is headquartered in Künzelsau, Germany and employs more than 1,400 individuals worldwide. Rosenberg fans and blowers can be found in HVAC systems, as well as industrial and portable air conditioning; in air cooling for variable frequency drives (VFD), wind power generators and power converters, solar inverters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), transformers, heat sinks, fan coils, telecom racks and other industrial equipment; in air handling units and fan filter units (FFU); and in railway, marine, military and avionics equipment. Rosenberg USA is located just outside Charlotte in Indian Trail, N.C.