Rosenberg’s new ECFanGrid™ is a highly efficient, cost-effective alternative to single large radial fans for air handling units.  Consisting of a series of electronically commutated (EC) backward curved fans operating in parallel to form a perfectly matched unit, the ECFanGrid is easier to install, provides higher volume and more uniform airflow with less low-frequency noise and built-in redundancy for greater reliability.

The Rosenberg ECFanGrid is ideally suited for the use in retrofit projects, particularly where a single large radial fan is being replaced. Thanks to its modular design, the ECFanGrid can be assembled on site.  Rosenberg offers two ECFanGrid construction options: either fan modules mounted into a pre-designed frame or the UNOBOX design, which is self-supporting and stackable.

Fan units can be joined in any quantity or arrangement – 1×3, 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 – for virtually limitless application flexibility. All units within the grid work together for easy implementation of airflow, pressure or temperature controls.

In a typical air handling unit, a Rosenberg ECFanGrid can optimize available floor space. The ECFanGrid’s flat profile creates up to 50% space savings. From a performance standpoint, the distribution of the air velocity over the entire duct is much more even. This increases the efficiency of downstream components. Compensation sections can be made shorter.

When a redundant air movement system is a requirement, the Rosenberg ECFanGrid is a logical choice. Until now, a common approach to get redundancy is to place a second identical system beside the operating unit. Not only is this inefficient, but it also doubles the required footprint. However, the ECFanGrid provides built-in redundancy. If one fan fails, the remaining fans can maintain the operating point by simply having their speed increased.

A white paper with design recommendations for application of the Rosenberg ECFanGrid  (ECFanGrid, Technical Information about Paralleling Fans, March 6, 2015) is available at For more information, or to place an order, contact Rosenberg USA by phone at (704) 893-0883; fax (704) 882-0755 or e-mail

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