CHARLOTTE, NC – Rosenberg USA has introduced a new backward curved fan module that offers increased efficiency and airflow thanks to its innovative design. The new fan module is available sizes from 225-mm to 710-mm (8.86 to 28 inches).

Rosenberg’s increased-efficiency fan module features a spacer between the back of the fan housing and the impeller. This allows the motor to reside further outside the impeller, reducing air displacement by the motor housing and significantly increasing air movement efficiency.

With no drive belt and no external motor or shaft, the new Rosenberg design gives HVAC design engineers greater flexibility and optimal performance. The new modules are perfect for high-efficiency evaporator applications.

Their asynchronous external rotor motors are 100 percent speed controllable. Thermal contacts provide standard motor protection. All are CE, UL and RoHS approved.

Rosenberg backward curved fans are available to meet customer-defined specifications including airflow, power, rotational speeds, noise level, overall dimensions and finish.

The Rosenberg family of companies employs more than 1,400 individuals worldwide. Rosenberg USA is headquartered just outside Charlotte in Indian Trail, N.C. For more information, or to place an order, contact Rosenberg USA by phone at (704) 893-0883; fax (704) 882-0755 or e-mail