White Papers:

ECFanGrid Brochure

Our multiple fan systems deliver uniform air distribution, increasing the efficiency of downstream components like coils and filters, while reducing low-frequency noise and improving reliability with built-in redundancy.

White Paper: Technical Information on
Paralleling Fans

A Rosenberg ECFanGridTM consists of a series of EC-Fans used parallel. The resulting air flow is proportional to the number of fans used, with the pressure conditions remaining the same. Download the white paper to get complete technical detail about paralleling
Rosenberg EC fans.

ECFanGrid References

Reference details from seven actual ECFanGrid projects

Using Modbus Controls For EC Fans to Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption

Controlling energy cost without sacrificing comfort in commercial buildings has always been a challenge. This white paper discusses how to use existing Modbus protocol system management technology with “smart” electronically commutated (EC) fans to optimize fan performance and comfort while reducing energy consumption.

Selecting The Perfect Fan For Your HVAC Appliance

Initial acquisition cost, long-term operating cost, performance, design compatibility, reliability and overall efficiency are among the critical factors you need to consider when specifying fans for your products. Get this helpful review of fan fundamentals now.


Rosenberg Software

RoVent10 - Fan Selection Software
Make operating-point specific fan selection quickly and easily from over 2,900 fan models.


Rosenberg, Ecofit and ETRI Literature

(PDF) 16.2 MB Rosenberg And Ecofit Backward Curved Impellers
(PDF) 1.4 MB Rosenberg USA Product Overview Brochure
(PDF) 646 k Rosenberg Axial and Backward Curved OEM Fans
(PDF) 7.1 MB Rosenberg ECFanGridTM Brochure
(PDF) 1.0 MB Rosenberg UNOBOX Fans Brochure
(PDF) 2.0 MB Rosenberg Explosion-Proof fans
(PDF) 2.8 MB Rosenberg Backward Curved Motorized Impellers
(PDF) 7.8 MB Rosenberg Ecofit Centrifugal Motorized Impellers
(PDF) 1.3 MB Rosenberg AC and EC Axial Fans Catalog
(PDF) 5.7 MB Rosenberg EC Backward Curved Motorized Impellers
(PDF) 148 KB Rosenberg Steel Inline / Tube Fans
(PDF) 197 k Rosenberg ROHS compliance
(PDF) 10.7 MB NEW! ETRI Full Line Catalog
(PDF) 3.6 MB ETRI AC Centrifugal Blowers
(PDF) 2.9 MB ETRI DC Axial Fans
(PDF) 2.6 MB NEW! ETRI/Ecofit 400Hz And High Performance DC Motors And Fans
(PDF) 6 MB NEW! ETRI 400 Hz and High Performance Fans
(PDF) 197 k ETRI E.C. Conformity Declaration
(PDF) 9.5 MB ETRI Aeronautics Fans

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