Size 6 Motor Gen 3+ Backward-Curved EC Fans to be Available from Rosenberg USA in January 2021

Rosenberg USA is introducing backward-curved plug fans featuring new larger size 6 Gen 3+ EC motors. The first of the new fans scheduled to ship from the company’s North Carolina warehouse by late January.

The new Gen 3+ fans will come in sizes 450/500/560/630-mm and will offer all the features and benefits of Rosenberg’s innovative Gen 3 motors, plus more power – up to 7 kW.  The new motors are 100% speed controllable and are CE, UL and RoHS approved. The first Gen 3+ models to become available, 560-mm models, will deliver almost 7 kW of high-efficiency cooling power. Click here to see the Gen 3+ lineup.

Rosenberg’s new EC motors are 30% more powerful than the previous "Generation 2" motors of the same size. They offer a standard input voltage range of 200-480 VAC (50/60 Hz) for greater power and efficiency. Data on the new “Gen3” fans are already included in Rosenberg's fan selection software, RoVent10.

Other standard features of Rosenberg's Gen 3+ EC motors include:

·•       Integrated inspection LED to visualize the motors condition. It is visible from the outside through the composite material of the cover of the motor.

•       Improved ModBus RTU functionality. The motor not only measures its current power consumption, but also continuously records total energy consumption. A detailed histogram shows the load profile of the fan as well as the temperature at which the fan operates over time. This makes it easier to evaluate the operating conditions of the selected fan and simplifies preventive maintenance.

•       Electronic Quick Change Technology (EQC). For replacement or preventive maintenance, it is possible to change the electronic head within minutes and without touching other parts of the fan.

•       IT-network (Earthing system) support. IT-network is a configuration of the power grid often used in hospitals and data centers for increasing system fault tolerance.

•      280-680 VDC-Supply. The use of DC voltage becomes more and more common in data centers, due to failure safety and overall design considerations.

About Rosenberg

The Rosenberg family of companies is headquartered in Künzelsau, Germany and employs more than 1,000 individuals worldwide. Rosenberg fans and blowers can be found in HVAC systems, as well as industrial and portable air conditioning; in air cooling for variable frequency drives (VFD), wind power generators and power converters, solar inverters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), transformers, heat sinks, fan coils, telecom racks and other industrial equipment; in air handling units and fan filter units (FFU); and in railway, marine, military and avionics equipment.